Our ready-to-wear garments are produced in small runs using fine Italian textiles composed mostly of natural fibres. Our belief is the more natural the fibre of the garment, the better it feels, wears and lasts.

The objects in our online store are hand selected vintage items. Limited in quantity and in some cases rare, most pieces are from the 1950’s and from Scandinavian ceramic artists - known as some of the best potters of the era.



Clothing should last and live in our closets for many seasons, not just for the moment. As a slow fashion brand we take our time designing and producing our products. From the fine materials we select to the thoughtful way we manufacture.



We believe in doing our part to contribute to a more sustainable planet. All of our textiles are sourced from surplus materials through our reputable agents in Italy. By using textiles in this capacity we are reducing both our carbon footprint and negative impact on the environment.

Our carefully selected manufacturing partners are located in Estonia, keeping production as local as possible to Sweden.

Quality materials, local manufacturing and fair working conditions are of the utmost importance to us. We strive to become increasingly sustainable by carefully considering every step in our supply chain from concept to finished product.


We use eco-friendly packaging and shipping materials for all of our products, even down to the packing tape.