Tictail's 'Not Faceless' Campaign

 ENERI  Hedda Camel Trouser  (left) and  Anna-Britt Blouse  (right)

ENERI Hedda Camel Trouser (left) and Anna-Britt Blouse (right)

Tictail, the online marketplace for independent brands has released their third lookbook for FW 2017. Tictail handpicked 35 brands from 12 countries to be featured in the lookbook alongside their newest campaign titled 'Not Faceless'. We at ENERI are so proud to be one of the 35 brands included in this important campaign and lookbook.

Not Faceless aims to highlight slow fashion brands like ours and the faces behind them. Brands like ENERI are committed to slowing down the production of clothing and instead focus on quality and craftsmanship. Independent designers put an incredible amount of time and consideration into every last detail. We want our products to last and be loved for many years, not just for the moment. 

Check out below for some of our favorite picks from Tictail's FW 2017 lookbook.

Visit Tictail's Not Faceless campaign to learn more. 

For participating brands visit Not Faceless Brand List.

All images courtesy of Tictail.